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Nikki Malo

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Hello Nokki. I want than you…
Hello Nokki. I want than you know about:

GOAPOS [Great Astronomical Observatory of the Pacific of Solar Optic], is a Science-Technology initiative which plans:

* To outreach research results.
* To help young poor people to improve their cognitive skills.
* To generate employment for people involved in the Education sector.
* Etc. [Foundation of the Pacific for Advancement of Science and Technology], is an Organization composed by a Team of several Engineers and Scientist, who think than the Education is the key to reduce the inequity and poverty. Because, it is the way to give to the youth the knowledge as a powerful tool to achieve the people confront their adverse circumstances by them selves.
3 years ago
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Hi Donors! Thank you for su…
Hi Donors!

Thank you for supporting

I completed the Marathon des Sables about a month ago, but we are still working toward raising our final $10,000.

In case you are curious about the race, here are two movies I made from footage I took. Copy/paste the links into a new window.

5 min. video, just a glimpse

23 min. video the full experience:

Thanks again,
5 years ago
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Dear Nikki, Thank you so m…
Dear Nikki,

Thank you so much for your generous donation to runforlaptops! Your contribution will directly impact the education of hundreds of low income, high-need public school students. My students are incredibly grateful to be supported by you.

On behalf of all the staff and students at Gardner Pilot Academy, I send our deepest appreciation and gratitude. It is people like you who improve the lives of those in need. I carried with me a small piece of paper with the names of all the donors on it while running through the Sahara; thank you for making that list a little longer!

Please continue to spread the word about this incredible cause by telling others about through social media or in person.



“Alone we can do little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller
5 years ago
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Nikki Malo
Worcester, MA United States
Stuff About Me:

On Sundae, April 15th, loyal Pine Street Inn supporter 3 Scoops Cafe will present an ice cream gift certificate to donors who give today! Woweee, because the gift certificate is in the same amount as you GIVE.  Give $50, GET $50 worth of deluxe ice cream. The coconut, twinkie, mud pie, vegan maple walnut and other artisan ice creams call your name, especially in this beautiful weather.  Merci beaucoup to Wheeler Del Torro and the 3 scoops team for their friendship and giving nature. Learn more about 3 Scoops.

Final day to give before my first ever marathon!

I am pumped to channel my marathon energy to great use by advocating for and supporting the Pine Street Inn.  Friends, Family please join me in supporting the Pine Street Inn. Thank you.




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