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Help Niko's Feed the Needier for Thanks Giving!

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It all started July 2013 when Niko's started developing a passion for fighting hunger. We were burdened by a couple facts that we could not escape.
At that time, we learned that over 18,000 children perish each day simply because they don't have enough food to eat.

The crazy thing is that the World Food Program states, "Hunger is the single most solvable problem facing the world today."

Our planet produces enough food to feed every person.

So the idea hit us, "What if we donated a meal to feed a needier family?" We took that simple idea and ran with it at Niko's for Thanks Giving..

This business model is working! "We dream to be able to feed 500-750 people".

We need you!

What We Need & What You Get!!

Help Support My Rally...

It started with one person NIKO… and now a group of friends have are willing to help cook and prepare meals this is our first year to feed the homeless & needier! I would hope years to come Niko's World Famous Tacos can touch the 1000 mark and fast-forward to when we were able to feed over 10,000 homeless across multiple cities in CA. Niko's No One should be" Hungry Day" can become an incredible example of what a community can do to make change.

If you are reading this, you have been invited to join us! WE NEED YOUR HELP This year Niko's is making a bid to reach out to tons of people and to help more people.

But we need your help first! We’re using IndieGoGo to raise money for our multi-city Turkey Tacos & rice,beans plate. Niko's is giving 100% of its profits and all funds go towards providing food, supplies, and any expense costs to those that host our event. Anything left over just rolls into the next year.

Every Thanksgiving we are going to expand our ability to help feed the homeless, and every Thanksgiving we’re floored by the outreach of support (from our on-the-day volunteers to the companies that donate their goods to clothe the homeless).

This year we think we can make a difference! THE NITTY GRITTY We’re asking for $10,000 from the community. We are able to scrape up the start up of a few thousand dollars in our collective budget, and we’ve reached maximum bang for our buck. With your support we can expand our operation to cover the costs of including more families

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