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Nkwa Foundation Inc

Support USA high school and college students through our International leadership development Internship program. Tax ID 46-5558879


Nkwa Foundation in partnership with Leaders of the Free World (LFW) an international experiential learning and leadership development program for high school and college students. Our mission is to develop the next dynamic leaders who are globally minded, self-aware, and service-driven.

Students who participated in this internship will not only earned credit to supplement their education but will also benefit from the following;

The ability to gain international experience along with knowledge and skills they will learn on the job.

A chance to network with professionals working in another part of the world

Learn more about what it takes to be successful working in another country

Increase the student marketability and add value to resume.

A chance to get a job working in another country

Offers each student the opportunity to work with different communities and learn different culture in another country.

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