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Northern Kentucky Youth Foundation

Northern Kentucky Youth Foundation
CROWDRISE : Jul 19, 2012
Tax ID: 27-1531442
BASED: Independence, KY, United States


Northern Kentucky Youth Foun...

Our Mission

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The Northern Kentucky Youth Foundation is a non-profit, community based, organization advocating on behalf of the youth and families of Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties.

The mission of The Northern Kentucky Youth Foundation is to help youth between the ages of 12 and 18 develop their full potential by advocating for collaborative, social, educational and recreational programs. The Northern Kentucky Youth Foundation does not receive local, state or federal funding.

The Northern Kentucky Youth Foundation convenes the Northern Kentucky Youth Collaborative, a partnership of schools, youth serving agencies and businesses coming together to focus on the overall success of students. Not just educational success, but success as a person, a future employee, and a contributing member of society. The Collaborative is focused on increasing youths’ ability to experience, learn and have the developmental assets needed to succeed. National evidence-based studies show that youth only experience 20 of the 40 Developmental Assets, as identified by the Search Institute, needed for overall success. Research has shown that the fewer assets experienced, the less likely youth are to succeed – more alarmingly, the more likely they are to engage in at risk behaviors such as alcohol abuse, high school dropout and physical violence.

By working with schools and youth serving agencies the Collaborative can determine, through surveys, what assets are being experienced by youth by school district, and then start introducing new assets to help drive student success by funding and developing programs that are focused around these assets. This is entirely research and evidence based.

As a community we must work together better. The job of our churches, civic groups, businesses, parents, adults, leaders, schools, youth serving agencies, teachers, and anyone else in contact with a young person is to drive overall student success.

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Tax ID: 27-1531442 •


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