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No More Fear for Our Kids: Stopping School Violence In Its Tracks

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The Problem I felt empty and powerless. Two of my students had committed suicide, and as the first few days passed, we were told that nothing could have be done because there weren’t any signs. It took me a week before getting damn angry every time I’d hear that. Powerlessness is horrible. We’ve all seen hundreds of TV reports on kids hurting or killing each other and 100% of the time no one ever saw any signs. I created to discover signs of school violence so it can be reduced. It will take all of us to stop to this insanity. Schools should be safe for all our kids. We need your support to move forward in reducing the 2.5 million cases of annual school violence in America. Your support goes directly to helping parents, their children and their teachers deal with and conquer their fears. We have one goal: make knowledge available to schools that they can use and share to stop school violence. Your help is vital because most schools focus on what happens after violence occurs. School boards buying more locks and metal detectors only treat the symptoms of one kind of violence--weapons brought to school--but not the ten others that result in 98.7% of all school violence events. The best way to cure an epidemic is to discover its source and not simply treat its symptoms. The CDC, UN, and World Health Organization have officially identified school violence an epidemic and public health threat. The Solution This campaign is all about us working together to create a unique approach to reducing school violence. It has three parts: we need help to •  discover data about adolescent behavioral patterns data that trigger school violence, •  give parents, educators, school safety staff, and counselors access to a free, web query app—what we call the Lantern®--to understand how a child's behaviors can predict certain kinds of violence and  •  create intervention programs that educators can use to reduce student violence. First off, we need to enhance our current way of gathering data. We need to hire researchers ​to gather data that can be uploaded to our database and queried by our Lantern,® a web-based app, that tells parents and educators how certain behaviors observed in a child correlate statistically tis such forms of violence as weapons use, bullying, sexual harassment, drug use, self-damaging violence, stealing or gang membership.  Our goal is raise $60,000 to hire three half time researchers who will scour and upload thousands of data sources so we can discover the behavior patterns of children ready to become violent. Think of your donation as an investment in our children's right to go to schools free from fear. Schools should be the one place children absolutely know they will be safe to be creative, explorative, and curious. Fear stops all this. Fear robs them of the freedom needed to think and learn. The effect of 2.5 million cases of violence every year since 2008, if allowed to continue, will have unknown consequences. Parents spend about $125.00 every September for school supplies. Yet how much do they spend on their children's safety? Please invest and together let's reduce arguably the most dangerous threat to our children and their future. If you can imagine a school free from fear, then you're one of us. If you can imagine parents free from fear about their children, then you're one of us. 



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