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Charese Lewis' Fundraiser:

No Ocean, No Earth

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Plastic is the number one pollutant of the ocean. This fundraiser is to help raise money for the Georgia area Recycling center and Water Works. This money will be used to continue with efforts to help raise awareness of pollution and what it does to our oceans and the animals that live in it. Besides killing wildlife, plastic and other debris damage boat and submarine equipment, litter beaches, discourage swimming and harm commercial and local fisheries. The problem of plastic and other accumulated trash affects beaches and oceans all over the world, including at both North and South poles. Land masses that end up in the path of the rotating gyros receive particularly large amounts of trash. The 19 islands of the Hawaiian archipelago, including Midway, receive massive quantities of trash shot out from the gyros. Some of the trash is decades old. Some beaches are buried under five to 10 feet of trash, while other beaches are riddled with "plastic sand," millions of grain-like pieces of plastic (micro plastics) that are practically impossible to clean up. (Silverman, 2016) Plastics don't fully break down, so many marine life swallow them and can't digest it and end up dying. Most of this trash doesn't come from seafaring vessels dumping junk -- 80 percent of ocean trash originates on land [source: LA Times]. The rest comes from private and commercial ships, fishing equipment, oil platforms and spilled shipping containers (the contents of which frequently wash up on faraway shores years later). (Silverman, 2016) I think this fundraiser is really important to the food chain because, marine life is dying or being polluted and about 90 percent of the world eats sea food and marine life. Also, if there is no water, no animals, and no plants, there is no Earth. References: Silverman, Jacob "How Stuff works, Science," Science/Oceanography. 2016



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