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Nobody canna cross it

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June 22, 2011

I would like to use as my charity but I first need to find out if they'd do a non-africa job.  See more


Carol Barrett


This video is related to a video which has gone viral on you tube. It started out as kind of a joke, but today I found out via a recently updated upload from the Jamaica Observer's youtube Channel that this community really needs some help.

This community needs a bridge.

It started out as a a DJ remixing a video of a Jamaican guy and making fun of his English.

The remix was even featured on CBS.

It's called Nobody canna cross it about some people who can't cross a river during a storm.

The fellow in the video is speaking Jamaican Patois and you may be able to understand only some of what he is saying. What he is saying is that this community has needed a bridge since his mother's days and his mother is 65 years old.

The Jamaican Observer has recently updated the story and it appears these people have a real serious problem and this is no joke.
I just started a crowdrise to help them raise money to build a bridge.
According to Harmon Parker, Cnn Hero, when trying to build a similar type of Bridge in Kenya, it costs $6,000.
I have added $4,000 for accomodation, transportation and miscallenous costs.
I'd like to help these people to build a bridge before the next storm or Hurricane.
I just opened this crowd rise account and made this page today. It is 10:00PM at night and so I have emailed Bridging the gap Africa to see if they'd do the honors if I raised the money.  I should hear from them in the morning.
However, since they are called Bridging the gap "Africa" not bridging the gap "Jamaica", this may not be possible and I will have to select another charity to administer this.
I hope that you can  help.
This may be a very easy problem to fix.
1) The original Video
2) The update from the Jamaican observer.





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Carol is working on selecting a charity so you can support Nobody canna cross it.