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Noelle Owings' Fundraiser:

Noelle's 35th Birthday Fundraiser

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BENEFITING: International Elephant Foundation

EVENT DATE: May 01, 2015

Noelle Owings


Elephants are one of my favorite animals! I am asking for donations in lieu of birthday gifts so that I can do my part in making the world a better place than I found it.

Throughout history, the elephant has played an important role in human economies, religion, and culture. The immense size, strength, and stature of this largest living land animal has intrigued people of many cultures for hundreds of years.

In Asia, elephants have served as beasts of burden in war and peace. Some civilizations have regarded elephants as gods, and they have been symbols of royalty for some.

Elephants have entertained us in circuses and festivals around the world. For centuries, the elephant’s massive tusks have been prized for their ivory.

The African elephant once roamed the entire continent of Africa, and the Asian elephant ranged from Syria to northern China and the islands of Indonesia. These abundant populations have been reduced to groups in scattered areas south of the Sahara and in isolated patches in India, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia.

Due to poaching there are less that 600,000 African and 35,000 Asian elephants left in the wild. They are already on the endangered list and are swiftly heading for extinction. I do not want future generations to grow up in a world where this beautiful, majestic creature doesn't exist!

Thank you for anything you can give!



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For my sister, who has a great heart, for her birthday 3 years ago




Doing my part... no matter how small. 3 years ago