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5 Years ago, almost to the day, my son and I were evicted from our home as a result of a multi-surgery broken anle and foot. We don't really have family, and my savings were gone so Human Services put us in a hotel 15 miles away where we had to live for 6 months (the hotel room was only free for 2 weeks. after that, I had to start paying for the hotel room and save enough money to move out. The month before the eviction, my car was repossessed(sounds like a country song, doesn't it. Just wait, I have a whole album here) so I had to find a job that I could walk to. J was so young but old enough to know what was going on and so worried about what his friends would think of him. We lhad lived in a very nice suburb of Denver and image is very important to any barely there teenagers. The only job I could find that paid anything was as a waitress, and I felt blessed to have it. We eventually got a place, got a car and life settled down a little. I had to stop working as a waitress January, 2011. I am 50 years old and my back said no more (very loudly)!! It took me 10 months to find another job and we got so far behind in rent. Started working again in September but still carrying 3 months in back rent. The management company has been great but they need their money NOW. I have until January 31, 2013 the come up with $3,500. The exact amount of the eviction notice + the Crowdrise charges. This cannot happen to my son again. PLEASE HELP.

Anything over and above $3,500 will be paid forward to hopefully help another single parent who dowsn't need a hand out, but a hand up.



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Janice Summers is working on selecting a charity so you can support NO EVICTION FOR JJ.