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Northeast Organic Farming Association Massachusetts Chapter

At least three times a day consumers vote with their forks. Influencing the food system is as simple as eating. There is little else consumers spend as much time or money on as food.

http://www.nofamass.org Tax ID 22-2987723


  • At NOFA/Mass we are passionate about helping consumers make informed choices about eating healthy organic produce.  We encourage our members to grow food at home, to shop locally, to support CSA programs, and to become engaged in our statewide and national policy initiatives.  We have lots of workshops and conferences to help support our consumers wherever they fall on the spectrum of organic food advocacy. 
  • If you want to raise chickens in your suburban backyard, if you need help finding ways of preserving the local harvest so that you can continue to consume local organic produce throughout the year, or if you are looking to cultivate some organic veggies in a community garden near you, we’ve got something for you.   And we also have a whole bunch of like-minded folks who are trying to take chemicals out of the food equation and are committed to improving their communities.