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Perpetual Motion Run Electric Generator

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I want to raise this money to help me help the world completely free itself from the bondage of the electric bill and solve our environmental destructiveness.
I've developed an electric generator that uses magnets to both run the generator and create electricity. Imagine not having to worry about an electric bill anymore because you have a generator that doesn't need oil. That once it's started it can run and work for you your whole life time. This also means no more gas bill because you have your own almost endless energy source to heat your home. On a bigger scale imagine the technological revolution we could bring to third world countries. All the generators we could donate and not just money. This would be a major impact on an worldwide scale. What would make this invention so unique is that it doesn't need much to work. It only needs to be maintained which isn't hard at all.I am a poor young 18 male just graduating from highschool June 27,2012, so I don;t have the money to buy the parts I need to construct a full large sized generator. If i could at least afford to build a small prototype i could figure out a way to be funded by the government or an orginization to build a large size one that'd be able to power a home. I just need your help to construct this machine. We can make a difference together. In the near future when we have an eco-friendly almost endless energy source, this could be an alternative to ending poverty, or atleast if we can't end poverty we could definitely make these poor peoples lives a bit luxorious. We could also make the factories that create these generators in third world countries and actually pay them well instead of pennies by the hour. In the future when we create a better world, you'll be able to say, I helped create this



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