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A Home for Tim & Nora

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Tim and Nora are two cats that were abandoned at just a few months old each. Having been kept indoors and cared for—however briefly, by people, they do not have the instincts required to live as feral cats; in addition, one of Tim’s feet was injured at birth, leaving him more susceptible to wildlife and the elements. Unfortunately, their abandonment left them distrustful of people and they cannot be socialized enough to make for the kind of pet most people are willing to adopt.

This puts them in a special category: not tough enough to live on their own; not friendly enough to be a pet. There are a handful of animal sanctuaries that take cats and dogs that cannot be otherwise placed: the pets of people who can no longer care them; animals kept by hoarders; and those like Tim and Nora. These sanctuaries are funded entirely by donations and require the people turning animals over to them to donate an endowment to pay for the animals’ care for the rest of their life.

Fat Kitty City in El Dorado Hills, CA is one such location, and it is my hope to place Nora and Tim there. Doing so will cost $1000 per cat, which is actually a bargain given what it costs to house, feed and care for a cat for ten to fifteen years. My goal is to raise $1500 of the required $2000 donation. Thank you for your consideration.



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