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Nordjysk Animal Rescue Need you help , so it does not close.

Organized by: Helle Nørager

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EVENT DATE Oct 01, 2015


Who is Nordjysk Animal Rescue? Nordjysk Animal Rescue is an organization consisting of the most kind-hearted people who every day are fighting a battle for mistreated animals in Denmark. This is their motto: To help as many needy animals as possible. Stopping dyrmishandling and find and punish those who carry out the abuse. To help establish animal police in Denmark. They ARE the closest we get to an animal police in Denmark to date. The organization is managed by Sysser Nørholm. The heart is in the right place and then they are even volunteers! They take care of all animal cruelty cases, large and small, and all reviews are full to the door. They take out the notified animal cruelty cases and talk with the owners of the animals and in some cases persuade the owners to surrender the animals to them so they can get the care and love they deserve. They are then relayed out to foster families and new loving homes. The cases that do not go quite as easy ones, they take care of the police report and the visiting addresses again and again and again and follow up on cases until the situation is in order. If you have not already heard about Nordjysk Animal Rescue so I would recommend that in visiting their Facebook page where they have over 20,000 followers. When you look at the thousands of cases they have dealt with over the years, one can not but be touched and grateful for their efforts towards neglected animals. I dare not think about the idea, but without Nordjysk Animal Rescue will thousands of animals continue to suffer at the hands of people with bad intentions ... How can you help? I appeal to you for help to explain this amazing organization so they can continue to help animals in need. All interest and Sysser writes on Facebook, they seek everything from foundations, grants, contributions, sponsorships and pools etc. Can you help ?? I write to you in the hope that in might help Nordjysk Animal Rescue So it does not close. There are so many animals are being neglected and mistreated and closes NJD, there are many who do not get help Nordjysk Animal Rescue has announced that they are forced to close down due to lack of financial resources. So why do I write? My name is Helle Noerager and I learned Sysser Nørholm founder of Nordjysk Animal Rescue to know a little more than two years ago. Sysser kontakde me if I had room for some shetland pony ponies, which she had gotten into a neglected case and it was so my familiarity with Nordjysk animal rescue. I began to run out of cases with Sysser. I thought that I could sagtsen clear, but woow there have been many nights I have not gotten any sleep. Many animals we had to leave, as the legislation in the neglected and ill-treatment of animals is not very good. But even if the lack of sleep and a cryning heart I am still ready to help the neglected animals when I just need to think about when it's gone well and we have helped some animals out of their dull sitiation. I am not a person who is bitching at me in the slightest. Many of our cases are hard and also stems from the soiciale ratio to humans who have animals and of course we also try to help them if we can. I have all my life had to do with animals and it always did hurt if I saw or heard that an animal is not feeling well, but I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that there were so many neglected and abused animals in Denmark. Here's what Sysser have put up on Facebook in connection with the dissolution of the organization: Dear All. It is with breaking heart that I make this announcement here on the page, but i'm just pt unfortunately no choice. NJD takes from d.d. no more cases in and ask all to contact other organizations, if you have knowledge of animal suffering. I made this decision because I believe that if you can not do things 100%, then you should not do it. The cases we have gotten into, we treat of course finished, and remember to check adoptions group, where we still have some amazing animals up for adoption now, and where the animals from ongoing cases also will be posted when they are adoptions clear. The reason for this decision is the economy, and definitely not lack of desire to continue to save the animals. Whether this is a temporary stop or permanent remains to be seen. Personally, I have beyond the sickness I have received during my cancer experience may not earned a salary for 5 years. It's just not sustainable anymore. NJD will now spend a few months to see what can be searched homes of foundations, grants, contributions, sponsorships, pools, etc. Nordjysk Animal Rescue Sysser Nørholm Mail: Sysser of: 50 57 78 79 See us on Facebook : nordjysk dyreredning COMPATIBILITY WITH MÅNELIG DONATION COMPATIBILITY WITH A SINGLE AMOUNT EVEN A SMALL AMOUNT CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE MOBILE PAY / swip: 50577879 Reg : 7455 Account no.: 0001061588 SWIFT / BIC: EBANDK22, NRSBDK24 IBAN: DK5074550001061588 I write to you in the hope that in might help Nordjysk Animal Rescue So it does not close. Either by getting this out in mediating / support economic etc. So Nordjysk Animal Rescue may be running ahead and help the animals. Nordjysk Animal Rescue never give up. Or so I thought at least ... but there is only so much that individuals can do especially when there is a lack of financial support and they go without pay in the fifth year in a row ... Even then Sysser got konsteret force and was being treated with chemo, she struggled up and made sure to NJD drove on. Her willingness to help animals is more than unusual and it would not be fair to either animals or Sysser even Nordic animal rescue closes.


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