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NORMAL In Schools is a national nonprofit organization that educates about eating disorders, the therapeutic impact of the arts, body image, self esteem and family communication. Our programs include:

-- The NIS Program. An award-winning, Off Broadway rock musical which travels to schools, universities, conferences and medical facilities with expert clinicians and people in recovery to educate about eating disorders, body image and self esteem. The NIS Program has proven to break the stigma and shame surrounding mental illness and has gotten people into recovery. It works. It rocks.

-- SELF ESTEEM STOMP. This annual event takes place in October in Milwaukee, WI. Families learn about self esteem and celebrate with a fun walk which ends in an "interactive experiential playground" filled with art, yoga, music, theatre and other fun activities for the entire family.

-- INSIDE OUT -- Celebrating inner beauty through theatre, music and art. This annual event is held during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (February) and educates about mental illnesses using art, theatre and music. Hosted by Miss America 2008, this event is an elegant way to learn about the therapeutic impact of the arts.

-- TEAM NORMAL. A program to educate athletes about eating disorders and about employing yoga and mindfulness in exercise.