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North Shore Community Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) public benefit organization that was founded in 1997 to protect, steward, and enhance the natural landscapes, cultural heritage, and rural character of the North Shore of Oahu.  The North Shoreʻs 60,000 acres of agricultural landscapes and over 30 miles of coastline are home to approximately 20,000 residents, are enjoyed by residents from all over Honolulu county for recreational purposes, and are visited annually by approximately 2.5 million people from all over the world. 

NSCLTʻs past successes include:

  • Leading the successful effort to protect Pupukea Paumalu, a 1,129 acre coastal bluff that overlooks the world famous surfspots of the North Shore;
  • Facilitating a community planning process to develop the Long-Range Resource Management Plan for Pupukea Paumalu;
  • Placing a conservation easement over Sunset Ranch, an approximate 30 acre equestrain ranch at the top of Pupukea Rd that is dedicated towards educating others about the importance of sustainability and voluntary land conservation, that ensures the ranch will remain as one intact parcel in perpetuity; and,
  • Leading an effort to survey and clean all beach access rite of ways along the North Shore of Oahu from Kahuku Pt to Kaena Pt.

NSCLTʻs current projects include:

  • Developing a "Greenprint" for NSCLTʻs mission area.  A Greenprint is a conservation action plan based on community input that defines the areaʻs conservation vlaues, maps out those values, and serves as guidance to conservation organizations, such as NSCLT;
  • Placing a conservation easement over 469 acres of agricultural lands on the mounan side of Kamehameha Hwy across from Kawela Bay and Turtle Bay; and,
  • Hosting a series of "We Love the Country" Coffee Hours/Talk Stories throughout the North Shore to help build appreciation for the area and awareness of the role that voluntary land conservation plays in protecting the areaʻs natural resources, cultural heritage, and rural character, all of which are so important to our quality of life and the local economy.

You can get involved with and support NSCLT by:

  • Making a tax deductable donation via Crowdwise or NSCLTʻs website (;
  • Signing up to receive our newsletters;
  • Participating in a community work day at a property protected by NSCLT and/or its partners through voluntary land conservation; and,
  • Signing up to participate in NSCLTʻs "We Love the Country" Outings (coming soon).