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Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ)

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The Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) is a community‐based non‐profit that is making incredible progress in closing the achievement gap for low‐income students living in North Minneapolis, an apex of poverty, violence, and low educational achievement in the metro area.

NAZ‐enrolled kids (called ‘scholars’) move through a cradle‐to‐college pipeline that provides evidence based, comprehensive support to ensure kids have the tools they need to show up to school, ready to learn.

Because NAZ is committed to evidence‐based best practices, they are able to use their resources wisely. NAZ was voted 2015 Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit of the Year and a recent study by Wilder  Research found a societal gain or return on investment of $6.12 for every dollar invested in NAZ.

NAZ hopes to expand their cohort of scholars and are on track to meet an enrollment goal of 1,000 families in 2016. With our help, NAZ can continue to expand their programming and continue to close  the achievement gap in Minnesota and help students on the Northside achieve their goals of succeeding
in school and becoming ready for college.

Mission Statement: The NAZ is a collaboration of organizations and schools partnering with families in a geographic “Zone” of North Minneapolis to prepare children to graduate from high school ready for college.

Our purpose is to end multigenerational poverty within North Minneapolis.
Each enrolled family moves through a “cradle-to-career” ecosystem that provides comprehensive support from pre-natal through college to career.


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