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Providing a way out for those considered "lost cause"

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Many teens have been labeled as "hopeless" or a "lost cause". Some would say "they did it to themselves" or "just stop". But these young adults are none of these things and they can't "just stop" having a mental illness. 3East, located at McLean Hospital in Belmont Massachusetts, provides the non-traditional therapeutic path that these adolescents need. It is a one of a kind program that uses Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and a unique and compassionate environment to help these teens learn how to manage their symptoms of PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, suicidality, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and more. However, this program consisting of multiple residential programs for young women up to the age of 20 and a co-ed day program comes at a cost that few can pay because most insurances do not cover this treatment yet. In my experience it cost about $45,000 for the required 28-day treatment (although staying longer is definitely an option). However, I am obviously lucky; only a small percentage of people can access this treatment due to how difficult it is to find DBT trained therapists, let alone programs that revolve around this concept. Now you're wondering what this acronym that I claim to be so "live changing" is. It is a relatively new form of treatment created by Marsha Linehan that is based on developing a skill set that patients are lacking to manage emotions using the core concept of mindfulness. That is a basic and conceptual description if what 3East is and what they do there, but honestly it all boils down to this: there is a larger population of teens that need this treatment than can access or afford it. If we can allow or help even out one teen, just enough to get them this help, we are giving that much more hope to other struggling teens who aren't getting the treatment they deserve. I know this all sounds cliche and I believe every word I have said. The omnipresent anguish that these young people experience is upsetting to say the least. But, that goes untreated is terrifying. People do not have to continue living this way. Every penny counts and I don't want peoples' lives being dependent on dollar signs, so please anything you can give would be VERY much appreciated and donated to the 3East Adolescent Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Scholarship Fund. Progress made at this place is hard to recognize until you can look back and see how far you've come, and even if each day still seems impossible you're that much closer to your goals. Myself along with many other people solely want others to get their chance to experience this change because no one is a "lost cause".

Thank you so much, every penny counts!

Also, I'm sorry if none of that made sense so if you want a more coherent explanation of what I was trying to say then read this from the McLean website:

If you took the time to read all of this then congrats to you for sticking with over passionate gibberish:) PLEASE DONATE I PROMISE ITS WORTH IT!!!!



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