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Notes for Notes is dedicated to providing free after-school music making, recording studio environments for youth ages 6 and up. Our studios, known as MusicBox Studios, are packed full of guitars, drums, keyboards, synths, beat-making stations, a vocal booth, and everything needed to create a rockin' track. Thanks to the Hot Topic Foundation, Gibson Foundation, D'Addario Foundation, Casio, DDrum, Audio Technica, Røde Mics, and many others for believing in our vision, as we invite youth at any level of musical talent into the Studios to explore, learn, create, record, and produce music. 

Our four studios (two in Santa Barbara, CA & two in Nashville, TN) are staffed by people who care about raising up this next generation of musicians. They are all highly qualified as professional musicians, producers, music school grads, and/or all of the above and more.

We formed a strategic partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs, which will support our expansion efforts as we head into Detroit, MI next. The Club donates an extra room in their club and we design, construct, and operate the studios from that point on. As we grow into more cities nationwide, the use of technology enables us to bridge connections among youth from these distant communities. We've created cross-studio collaborative tracks, utilizing talent from all the studios. Artists like Jack Johnson, P-Nut from 311, Zach Gill from ALO, Ziggy Marley, and others have also hung out with our musicians in the studio, givng these youth a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Furthermore, this solidifies the fact that music transcends all barriers, bringing people together in ways nothing else can.

Please join us in this exciting venture as we continue bringing music into the lives of children & teens everywhere, building stronger communities along the way. Thank you in advance for helping produce tomorrow's musicians!

Feel free to contact us for more information!