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Nowak Society

Through education, training, events, and public programming, the Nowak Society helps connect people and communities with valuable information which promotes healthy, vibrant relationships with ourselves and others. Tax ID 38-4033372


The mission of the Nowak Society is to educate and support people and communities in building informed, safe, and empowering relationships with ourselves, others, and the medicines, drugs, and substances we interact with.

Core Values: Our work is guided and informed by our beliefs and commitment to;

Relationships. Good relationships are the cornerstone of a good life. We are in relationship to all people and things around us. Understanding this, we value building and maintaining expansive relationships with all things we interact with internal and external to our organization.

Empowerment.  Authentic empowerment happens when we are aligned with our internal source of power or knowing, enabling us to make choices that most reflect our true desires and preferences for a fulfilling life. We value authentic empowerment of ourselves and others, and support one another in our individual and collective efforts towards achieving it.

Showing up. Community can only exist when we show up for each other. We value witnessing each other with compassion, empathy, and respect, and showing up in support of community.

Autonomy and Consent. We honor interactions based on consent and shared agreement.  We value and respect the autonomy of individuals to have their own experiences and to decide what is best for them at any given time. With this, we hold one another accountable for following through on consent-based interactions and shared agreements.  

Anti-oppression. We acknowledge that our liberation is tied to others’ individual and collective liberation from the myriad forms of obvious and hidden oppression that exist. We aspire to identify and dissolve oppression towards ourselves, our community, and beyond, beginning with our personal interactions and extending to public action and alliances with other anti-oppression movements.