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Restore the Jewish Cemetery at Nowy Dwor, Poland, that was desecrated by the Nazis after they took the remaining Jews to the death camps at Auschwitz in 1942. Tax ID 27-1133417


Sometimes we have hopes - and they remain hopes.

Sometimes we have dreams - and they never become reality.

Sometimes we have aspirations - and they never become achievements.

Help us now so that this will not be one of those times.

We need to raise $40,000 in the next 90 days!

The Nowy Dwor Jewish Memorial project, founded by descendants of Jews from Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, Poland is working to protect and preserve the desecrated Jewish cemetery in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, Poland. See the complete story at

In 1942, after all the Jews of Nowy Dwor were taken from the ghetto to the Auschwitz death camps, the five-acre jewish cemetery was mined as gravel pit - bodies and all -  for constructiopn projects. They plucked the headstones (Matzevot) from their resting places and buried them under the dirt roads to supprt their tanks and trucks. 

We have recovered more than 100 headstones, many in remarkably good condition, and returned them in the form of a wall and plaza at the cemetery entrance. Click here for the photo gallery on our web site, cataloging the entire project and ceremonies.

All of this takes money to be successful. We have raised just under $100,000 nearly all of which has been spent directly on the project to date. Just putting a fence around the property to secure it was $40,000.

Stage 1 (Completed 2010):

  • Excavated over 100 headstones from under sidewalks and roads throughout Nowy Dwor.
  • Built a fence around the property to secure it.
  • Discovered records of the Nowy Dwor Jewish Community in the basement of City Hall; complete and untouched. We now have birth, death & marriage records going back more than 200 years and have begun organizing and posting them on our website for people to be able to search for their families.

Stage 2 (Completed 2011):

  • Created a wall to display the headstones recovered so far, giving them a final resting place where mourners can visit and history can be preserved.
  • Built a stairway to the cemetery to permit people to view the remains of what was once the resting place of one of Poland’s most vibrant communities.
  • Engaged Schools of Nowy Dwor, few of whose children prior to our project, have ever known a Jew, to teach tolerance. We have held tolernce themed essay contests in 2011, 2012, 2013 and this June 18th had the award ceremonies for the 2014 winners – the outcome has been astounding. Click here to read more about them.
  • On June 18, 2014, we dedicated a new monument with the family names of those who were murdered in the death camps, were never buried, and whose existence has not been honored as would have been the case had they died under normal circumstances

Stage 3 (this is where we need your help now):

  • We  received permission on June 25th from the City to continue excavating hundreds more headstones from under the streets and sidewalks of Nowy Dwor (whose locations we know), and their placement at the cemetery: $40,000.00
  • Create an endowment fund to maintain the grounds (about 5 acres): $20,000.00
  • Continue promotion of the tolerance program in the Nowy Dwor schools: $20,000.00

Going Forward & Continued Efforts:.

  • In addition to ffinancial contributions, the restoration committee & families continue to discover and post birth, death & marriage certificates to our web site and keep the web site & Facebook page current...THERE ARE NO OVERHEAD COSTS - 100% OF ALL FUNDS RAISED GO DIRECTLY TO THE PROJECT!

This is an opportunity to help restore the dignity of and create a place to honor the memory of those who were torn from their community, whose lives were destroyed in the Holocaust and for whom there are no graves. We have an opportunity here to enlighten our children and the generations to come to make sure that the term “Never Again” becomes a reality.

Please help us by donating now and encouraging others to support the Nowy Dwor Jewish Memorial Project. This is a selfless mitzvah, the highest form of respect in the tradition of the Jewish burial where one shovels a bit of dirt over the casket. The person for whom you are doing this can never repay you. Your reward is in the act itself.

Please click the button on this screen now to donate. We are an IRS approved 501c3 charity  so your contribution is tax deductible.

Pass this on to everyone you know and believe may be interested in supporting our project.

Thank you, 

David Wluka

David Wluka                                                         Ze’ev Shaked