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CROWDRISE : Jan 14, 2014
Tax ID: 04-2440272
BASED: Woburn, MA, United States


Supporting Your Journey

Our Mission: To provide people with disabilities the support needed to live, work, learn grow and participate to their fullest potential in their communities.

Our Vision:

To embrace diversity, appreciate each person’s uniqueness and treat everyone with respect.
Our Code of Conduct:

As NuPath employees, we demand that all people are treated with the respect, dignity, caring and interest we all deserve in our lives.  We can accept no less!

All employees and officials of NuPath agree to:

    Respect the rights and dignity of all
    Ensure the emotional and physical safety for all
    Encourage all to recognize their own self worth
    Assist all to communicate their wants and needs
    Empower all individuals to speak up for themselves and make choices in their lives
    Follow all ethical practices of business
    Respect cultural ethnic diversity in all people
    Support all people in their quest for independence in both their work and personal life
    Promote the people we serve in a positive way through integration in work and social settings
    Participate in the development of agency policy to enhance service delivery
    Encourage people to embrace all civil and human rights in order to maximize potential in their lives
    Respect the mission statement as the driving force of the organization.


Tax ID: 04-2440272 •


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