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Nutrition Education Project

Nutrition Education Project
CROWDRISE : Oct 11, 2016
Tax ID: 47-4343761
BASED: Corp Christi, TX, United States


Nutrition Education Project

End Childhood Obesity

Nutrition Education Builds Healthy Nutrition Choices

Childhood obesity effects every citizen in our country.  Without a dramatic change in the increasing rate of overweight, and obese individuals our country is facing a future inwhich we cannot work long enough, hard enough, or produce enough revenue to offset the crushing cost of medical care generated by obesity. The very high cost of diabetes type II, cardiovascular disease, as well as associated neurologic, and orthopedic problems is already overwhelming. However, there is one thing that separates those who are normally weighted from those who are not, and that is education. Research finds that the higher the education the less likely an individual is to be overweight, or obese. The Nutrition Education Project is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide certified teachers to the public schools who teach a results oriented nutrition education course. We teach in the elementary schools in an effort to avert the problem of poor nutrition habits that lead to childhood obesity. Obese children are at greater risk for diabetes type II, cardiovascular disorders, poor classroom performance, depression, and low self esteem. An obese child is less likely to loose weight, and keep it off than an individual who gains weight later in life. Nutrition education taught by a qualified teacher is fun, and creates high standards early in life. Our mission is to give every child the knowledge they need in a complex nutritional environment. Please give generously to our orgaization. Thank you.

Tax ID: 47-4343761 •


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