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Nutritional Intervention for Vets Inc. is a non-profit organization established to provide our returning veterans with a needed service. Many veterans return home from military service having been exposed to chemical, biological or unknown substances that are adversely affecting their health. Although the VA center provides many wonderful and necessary services and satisfies many of their medical needs, there is still one aspect of the veteran’s health that is not always adequately met.  Our organization has the most advanced and highly trained nutritional health care professionals to fulfill this need. We have the expertise necessary to understand and evaluate toxicity and the skills needed to help the body with detoxification. Our goal is to help those veterans who may have had some type of exposure to toxic substances and have been unable to resolve their health issue with conventional medicine.   

We have health care providers and doctors of various disciplines that are willing to donate their time and expertise in helping the veteran. Many of our participating offices will use blood work to identify deficiencies and evaluate blockages in detoxification pathways.  If specialty labs are used for blood work and the veteran’s health insurance does not cover this type of lab work, our organization will cover and pay for the associated costs. After analysis of the blood work, the health care professional will make nutritional recommendations and dietary changes. Other health care providers may use alternative means to establish which nutritional supplementation may be required. All nutritional supplementation will be covered free of charge for a period of three months. If the health care professional requires more time with the veteran, then more time will be granted when appropriate. If the veteran does not respond to the nutritional intervention provided, we will stick with our one goal which is to help the veteran get well. At this point, if needed, we will get the veteran to another participating office for a different approach by an alternate practitioner. We will not give up on our veterans!

The veterans will locate participating offices through our website by conducting a search based on the zip code of the veteran. The web-site will give the veteran the ability to access information about the health care providers. We will also have a web page just for health care providers to communicate and share information.  The website will also have a multitude of information about our organization and will continue to grow and evolve as we add on more health care providers.

We believe that no one is more entitled than our veterans to complementary health services. They are the people who leave our society and are put into dangerous combat missions. They are the ones who preserve our freedom and our way of life. The sacrifices they make for us are immeasurable.   Remember, while we concern ourselves with our everyday business, our dinner plans and social events, they are concerned about fighting for our nation and surviving in extremely dangerous and treacherous conditions.  Please open up your heart and make a generous contribution to help support our veterans.


Dr. Steven Silverman

President & CEO