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Episcopal Community Services, Inc.'s Fundraiser:

Episcopal Hunger Relief Network

Episcopal Community Services, Inc.'s Photo
Episcopal Community Services, Inc.'s Photo

Episcopal Community Services, Inc. via Crowdrise
September 11, 2012

Better nutrition for the hungry - in community kitchens, food pantries, and programs for seniors and children.  See more


In 2011, The Episcopal Hunger Relief Network served more than 1.2 million meals to the hungry in western Missouri and eastern Kansas -- to the homeless, the unemployed and underemployed, to families and youth, to seniors and veterans. Our goal in our response to hunger is to provide more than a plate/sack of processed/canned food. With people who have a higher than normal incidence of hypertension, diabetes, and other nutrition related disease -- we want to elevate the nutritional value and quality of the food served. We also have a Culinary Cornerstones Training program to help address the primary cause of hunger in our society -- the lack of income from a job.  Help us do this, and establish an example for other hunger relief programs throughout the country. Our goal is high -- but it represents only 5 cents for each meal we served last year.

How You Can Help:

Make a donation today

  • An individual donation of $40 or more not only gets you a one year subscription to Martha Stewart Living Magazine.  It also provides more than 45 nutritious meals.
  • For any individual donation of $246 or more, we will also gladly provide an official tour of the Kansas City Community Kitchen (for donors in greater Kansas City) plus a dozen of our CC Signature Cupcakes.
  • For any individual donation of $1,007 or more, our Culinary Cornerstones Catering group will provide you with a free Thanksgiving Dinner for 10.  (Pick up at our Broadway kitchen, and it's up to you whether you tell your dinner guests that it was made by someone else.)

Create a Fundraising Team of your friends, co-workers, church/synagogue members and others to generate additional donations. There is indeed strength in numbers.  And, for the top five fund-raising teams generating total donations of $1,000 or more, we will provide a cooking class for five by our Culinary Cornerstones Executive Chef at our Broadway Kitchen.

Tell others -- your friends and family, neighbors and co-workers, and others.  Use word-of-mouth, email, and other methods to let people know about this wonderful and easy opportunity to help with hunger and nutrition in our communities.

The Impact: 

With your help, we served more than 1.2 million meals last year and can do even more this year.  To provide just a few examples:

  • A gift of $87.00 provides groceries for a family of four for a month.
  • A gift of $171.00 helps us increase the fresh produce and other healthy foods we collect through our Food Rescue initiative.
  • A gift of $246.00 provides hot nutritious lunches for 150 men, women and children.
  • A gift of $450.00 provides home delivered meals for a home-bound senior for a year.
  • A gift of $1007.00 covers all operating costs for the Kansas City Community Kitchen for a day (food, kitchen supplies, trained cooks, etc.)
  • A gift of $3,150.00 provides a Culinary Training full scholarship to train cooks/chefs to address the primary cause of hunger and homelessness -- lack of an income.

Best of all, reaching and exceeding our goal of $60,000 will help us to provide up to 85,000 additional nutritious meals to the hungry in 2012-2013.  All donations will be used where they can have the greatest impact at the time they are received.


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John Hornbeck

John Hornbeck


In honor of St. Paul's Episcopal Food Pantry being selected the Agency of the Year by Harvesters. 6 years ago