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Nuzzles & Co. Pet Rescue and Adoption Navajo Reservation Rescue

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The Navajo Nation is located in the Four Corners Area of the United States. The Reservation is the geographic size of West Virginia. But, they have few resources for animals. Conservative estimates assume there are approximately 200,000 homeless and abandoned cats and dogs struggling to survive on the Reservation, where conditions are harsh, food and water are scarce and most animals dies of starvation, dehydration, disease or are run over by cars and semis. There are only four small animal control shelters (with only a few kennels each) on the entire Reservation and only five animal control officers. There are only a few private clinics. Most of the homeless dogs roaming the streets in search of food are pregnant and lactating mothers and abandoned litters of puppies. Every three weeks, Nuzzles & Co. travels from our Rescue Ranch in Park City, Utah over 850 miles to the Navajo Nation to rescue as many dogs and puppies, and sometimes cats who survive this desert's harsh climate, as we can fit into our van and bring them back to our Ranch. Once at our Ranch, we provide life-saving medical care to animals injured by cars, medicines to cure mange, vaccinations, microchips and spay/neuter surgery. Many of the puppies we bring back to the Ranch have been exposed to parvo. We recently purchased five state-of-the-art IV machines so that we can provide intensive care to parvo puppies. We currently have over a 95% save rate for parvo puppies. Older dogs enter our socialization and training program to help them learn to trust and love again. When they are ready, we take the Rez dogs and cats to our brand new Adoption Center in Park City where we match them with their forever families. Our adoption rates for these animals have skyrocketed with education. People love these resourceful, smart and gentle dogs and they make wonderful family companions. Currently, our average stay for dogs from rescue to adoption is two weeks and the average stay for cats is just under 3 weeks. When we find homes for our Rez dogs and cats, we jump in our van and drive back to the Four Corners Area to rescue more animals. We will always go back for more--because right now there will always be more. To make these runs, we rely on an old delivery van that is not equipped to move live animals. There is not enough room to bring back as many animals as we need (we can hold about 25 with crates stacked on top of each other). There is little ventilation and no windows in the back, so we have to stop about every hour to check on animals, air out the van and, during hot summer months, pack their crates with ice packs. We will continue this life-saving work, but we need new transportation to help us. Our van is on it's last legs and we are seeking funds to purchase a reliable animal transportation van so that our animals are safe and comfortable during the seven-hour trip from the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners Area of Southern Utah to our Rescue Ranch in Park City.




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