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National Wildlife Humane Society Tax ID 62-1797381


National Wildlife Humane Society (NWHS) is a non-profit wildlife conservation organization working to preserve and protect threatened and endangered species by providing programs and places.

NWHS maintains Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary, a place for animals to live in comfort and humane care giving. Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary is No Buy, No Sell, No Breed, No Exhibit located on a remote wilderness mountaintop in N. Central Arkansas. The sanctuary is non-commercial and exists solely for wildlife, placed here from rescue or special needs. Top Of The Rock was founded 20 years ago.
The animals at Top Of The Rock fall asleep at night to the sounds of deep forest wilderness.

NWHS also assists our wildlife conservation field allies*, who work in remote wild areas of the world. All six of our conservation allies also maintain programs to halt poaching and/or work to protect vital wild habitat, along with research, outreach and other vital programs they conduct.

Each one of our conservation allies are unique and different. Each has their own page in the NWHS website. Please feel free to explore their pages (all have a video on their pages) and learn what they do to save wildlife, wild habitat and assist indigenous people

*Touch The Jungle - Ecuador, river valley & cloud rainforests
*CERCOPAN Primates- Nigerian rainforests
*Milgis Trust - Northern Kenya
*Wildlife Trust of India - Wild Tigers in India
*Ewaso Lions - Kenya, African bush
*Chobe Wildlife Rescue - Botswana, Africa

SOAPBOX: Wildlife conservation and preservation is one of the most important issues facing the world today, if not THE most important. Why? Humans are inextricably connected with wildlife, from the smallest plant to the largest mammal. Humans are far more dependent on wildlife than they are dependent upon us. Where wildlife goes, humans go.

Remember the game Pick-up Sticks you played as a kid? If you keep pulling sticks out, the pile will eventually de-stack and fall. That's the nature of life on Earth. We can only remove so many wild species before the whole balanced stack collapses. That scenario would mean the end of the human race. Saving wildlife is vital to the continuation of human life.

"A World Without Wildlife Is A World Not Fit for Humans"

Please take a moment to view the video on this page, to learn more about NWHS, our philosophies and goals. Many thanks to JJ Cale for allowing us the use of his very appropriate song "Stone River".