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NYC Medics

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NYCMedics (aka NYCM)


Light, lighter; more mobile, more flexible, more cost-effective, less bureaucratic.



NYC Medics rapidly deploys to remote and difficult to access areas in disaster zones and complex humanitarian emergencies providing the highest level of medical care with dignity, integrity and compassion to people who would otherwise not have access to aid and relief efforts.



NYC Medics is a disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization that deploys teams of health care and disaster professionals to alleviate human suffering and distress in the aftermath of a catastrophe or complex humanitarian emergency.

We delivers immediate emergency medicine and stabilization to populations affected by disasters, those isolated by illness, geography and other barriers, which otherwise would be inaccessible; wherever they are, regardless of the challenges confronted.

Our focal point is to start at the back of the relief line- setting us apart from other organizations that start at the front - by accessing remote areas where the greatest emergent needs exist, where local resources are strained, and larger humanitarian organizations have not yet, or are unable to reach.

NYCM specializes in accessing these difficult areas with mobile medical teams to provide top medical care and serve as forward triage for local and other international aid organizations.

We are highly motivated professionals that are driven by the need to help and not stand by while people suffer. Our medical teams, comprised of volunteers, are self-sustainable and self-sufficient, capable of operating in remote difficult areas that would otherwise not be served or as part of a larger, established humanitarian operation. We work with local and international partners, in conjunction with other aid organizations and report daily to the disaster governing body. We are board certified doctors, nurses, paramedics, physician assistants, public health professionals and experienced disaster relief experts that collectively provide initial aid efforts while paving the path for the larger organizations.


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