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CROWDRISE : Oct 24, 2012
Tax ID: 27-1253313
BASED: Boulder, CO, United States



Our Mission

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Welcome to the National Youth Hockey Foundation.

We are a new and growing organization that is here to help the family of ice hockey. We started as a foundation servicing Colorado's youth ice hockey players, and are currently working to grow the National Youth Hockey Foundation into all 50 states. 

The rising costs associated with the sport of ice hockey have become the main reason why families end up with enormous debt and why many do not even begin to introduce their children to hockey. What was traditionally a sport that most families could afford has now become so expensive, it is out of reach for most of today’s youth and their families. There is something wrong in athletics if only well-to-do families can afford for their children to participate. Our goal is to help make hockey available to all kids who want to play, regardless of their financial means.

We have a network of members in many states who volunteer their time to help kids afford hockey. Please contact your state directly through the “Member Links” tab for financial assistance and let us help with the cost!

The Mission of the National Youth Hockey Foundation:

To keep America’s youth out of trouble (such as drugs, alcohol, and crime) by keeping them on the ice. Hockey helps shape young boys and girls into productive citizens.

Instruction that is given, athletic skills developed, accountability expected, and camaraderie fostered within the context of team hockey play can provide benefits well beyond the scope of athletics and well into the future. These benefits can be made accessible to youth and their families who cannot afford to pay the rising costs of ice fees, equipment, and travel through a variety of National Youth Hockey Foundation state programs.

We believe that by keeping "A Kid on Ice" and out of "Hot Water" we can help boys and girls explore athletic potential and provide a fundamental system of values through athletics that will offer benefits lasting long into the future. Help us keep a kid on ice and out of hot water!

Tax ID: 27-1253313 •


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