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When you hear that cancer affects so many people I always thought that meant so many people got the disease. But what I now realize is that so many people are moved to do extraordinary things for others because of cancer. This is an incredible gift and perhaps it is God's way of connecting us to our humanity. - Jen Pagani

The GoJenGo Foundation Mission Statement:

The GoJenGo Foundation is a non-profit institution dedicated to providing financial assistance and emotional support to individuals and families, in North and South Carolina, who are battling breast cancer. We provide aid during diagnosis, treatment and recovery. We also provide financial support to charitable organizations that offer resources and programs aimed at assisting these individuals. Additionally, the GJG Foundation promotes awareness of treatment options for individuals diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, and provides financial assistance to organizations and medical professionals conducting research for the advancement of inflammatory breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

$25 provides a gas card for a Survivor requiring transportation to chemo treatment / Dr’s appointment

$100 supplies groceries for a family who otherwise would have little to eat

$150 helps cover medical co-pays

$250 provides utilities to keep families comfortable and safe in their homes

$500 covers a COBRA payment for a Survivor who cannot work due to side effects from treatment

$750 helps keep a family in their home for another month

$1,000 helps a Survivor who is on disability cover their living expenses for 4 months

$1,500 supplies a replacement HVAC for a Survivor in need

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