My name is, Seka Adopo, 59 years old from originally from the Ivory Coast, West Africa, but now a U.S. citizen since 1985. I have worked for New York State department of Correctional Services for 25 years, retired on August 30, 2013. I am planning to GoFundMe because, I want to help the people from my village, “Ande” where I was born, and raised to age 20 before settling here in the United States. My village is very poor and needs a lot of help. For example, there is no Ambulance, no adequate health facility, school Bus for elementary school children. School children would walk 3 miles to school at 7:30 AM, get off school at 12 noon, walk 3 miles back home for 2 hrs break, and again, walk 3 miles back to school at 2:30 PM, and finally another 3 miles walk back home at 5:30 PM when school is closed for the day. The only elementary school in that village was build in the fifties and crumbling. The school has no restrooms for the children and the school’s staff to relieve themselves. They have to go to the bushes nearby to relieve themselves. There is a small health facility for women to deliver babies, but no adequate equipments nor hospital medicines available for the only nurse to use when needed. Worse, when there are complications, mother and baby just die without any hope, for the lack of ambulance. All the children, the people that I know in that village, including myself, were born out of hospital because there was none, we were just lucky to to make it alive. For example, one of my sisters died having a baby in 1989, when I was on the plane coming back to New York, after spending one month vacation with her and my other siblings. There were some complications while having the baby, but there was no ambulance available to take her to the nearest town. I was very devastated when I got off the pane at Kennedy airport in New York and got the news. I am really pleading for people to help me get at least a use ambulance for my village. The government of Ivory Coast helps only towns and cities in terms of ambulance, not poor villages. Please I need help.

Posted by Seka Adopo