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  Aug 27 2018 . Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Please support us through our Backpack to After-School Campaign! 

InspireDR, located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, had an amazing summer! Now the Boys of Cabarete have headed back to school and back to our amazing after-school program. Yet while many people just bought another brand new backpack for their kids, some of our boys are carrying their supplies in a plastic bag—again. 

Won't you make a donation that makes a world of difference during this back to school season? 

At InspireDR, OUR MISSION is to educate, mentor and inspire underprivileged boys in the Dominican Republic to become productive and responsible members of the community. 

Our stylish and durable club backpacks are embroidered with our logo and sewn with a Carib Wind patch. Many thanks to Carib Wind for making this campaign possible!


Level 1 $50 donation: A big thank you from the boys 

Level 2 $100 donation: Backpack for one boy 

Level 3 $500 donation: Backpacks for two boys, one backpack for YOU.

Level 4 $1,000 donation: Backpacks for five boys, one backpack for YOU.

Level 5 $2,500 donation: Backpacks for ten boys, two backpacks for YOU.

Level 6 $5,000 donation: Backpacks for ten boys, two backpacks for YOU, tickets and verbal recognition at our annual La Fiesta fundraiser.

Level 7 $10,000 donation: Backpacks for twenty five boys, four backpacks for YOU, tickets and verbal recognition at our annual La Fiesta fundraiser, special Backpack to After School signage recognition at the InspireDR clubhouse backpack area.

More About Our Amazing Program

In 2015, we opened a boys club because there were few options for boys to learn life skills and values and create job opportunities for themselves. To accomplish our mission we focus on non-academic life skills and values development that build confidence and self-esteem such as critical thinking, ESL, community service, computers, entrepreneurship, leadership, making healthy choices, respect for others (especially girls), sports, swimming, teamwork, wood-work...and more! 

InspireDR is a registered 501(c)(3). 

Thank you in advance for supporting our mission!