Bahama-Living Water From Air-Hurricane Dorian Relief

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  Sep 07 2019 . Miami, FL, USA

When I was a boy I attended Queens College in Nassau, Bahamas. My parents were missionaries there and we did Vacation Bible schools all over the Islands. The Bahamian people poured into my life. Now it is my turn to pour into their lives.

I want to raise funds to help the Islands get clean water from out of the air. I have been in touch with a group out of Israel that has Water from Air Generators and systems which we have arranged to purchase. Each unit will cost under $70,000. We are going to try to raise funds to purchase the units and then do the logistics to get them in place. Each unit can produce about 700 gallons per day. There has to be a generator and boat transportation attached. 

The aquafers of the islands have been overrun and the water is not pure. Jesus said that if you believe in Him, then out of you shall flow rivers of living water. 

Help us, bring a cup of  living water to the Bahamas in the name of Jesus!

Blessings to you all for helping!

Pastor Rob

Posted by Robert Myers