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  Jun 15 2018
With street culture against street violence The children and youth of Manila face street violence on a daily basis. This Street violence means fighting every day, young people fighting with people known to them for long time, fighting to stay alive and fighting with one’s self. It is a fight with drugs, knives and guns where long term friends can often turn into enemies in a split second. Those doing the fighting are young people: children and teenagers whose life is determined by need to fight to survive in one of the worlds most challenging and impoverished slums. These children should be full of dreams, ambition and hope. Instead they see dark holes, struggles and violence where they should see bright futures and possibilities. They should have the opportunity to live out their dreams and to find ways of improving their living situation by escaping the street violence which has become a daily part of their lives. That’s where Hip Hop can help them. If Hip-Hop has the ability to corrupt young minds, it also has the ability to uplift them! (KRS One) Our vision is to fight against street violence in Manila (Philippines), to defend the youth using our means, our strengths and our passion. Dance can give wings to people, it can start new fires, which previously seemed extinguished and it can bring people together. Hip Hop was born and grew up on the streets, exactly like so many of our children in Manila. Our team brings together an incredible collective of very different people from very different origins, but whom all share the same passion, using Hip Hop for Hope. Together, we will fight street violence with street culture!

Posted by Jerico Lopez