Let's educate our youth to have a brighter future.

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I am an educator by profession and I am also an author. I have written a book entitled "The Secrets & Smart Habits to a Brighter Future". This book is written for Filipino youth in general which aims to educate them about the secrets and smart habits that lead me to have a brighter future. Here in the Philippines, most if not all of the students in the public schools doesn't have enough money to buy this kind of book which I believe is a great investment. My inspiration in writing this book are my students who are less fortunate and yet is doing everything to have a brighter future. I have been in that same situation and that is the main reason why I would like to share my secrets to them. I am planning to give a free seminar all over the Philippines and hoping to give a copy of my book for free. But I cannot do this alone so I am asking for your help to please donate any amount for me to be able to have the book printed for them. You don't need to become an author and write a book in order to help and educate our youth to have a brighter future. You just need to share and donate a small amount. Your donation will surely help them realize their full potential and be the best version of themselves in the near future. Thank you in advance for your help and may your generous heart be blessed with abundance of everything from the Lord.

Posted by Lorna Villaruel