"Going Balls to the Wall for Veteran Suicide Prevention" Kickball Tournament Fundraiser

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  Jul 26 2018

Three days after attempting to hang himself, Joey (Army combat veteran) sat in front of me at a Starbucks and said, "Do you even have any idea what is going on in my head or what I'm feeling right now?" As a Marine Corps combat veteran who has attempted suicide in the past I was able to respond by saying, "Bro, give me 3 minutes to share my story with you, and then you decide if I have any idea of what's going on in your head." After sharing my story, Joey was completely on board with doing whatever was necessary to find true joy and success in his life. After one year of mentorship and applying the things we taught him, Joey sent me a text saying, "I've passed 2 more tests in school and I'm kicking ass in class! I've been praying a lot and I'm staying sober too. I want to start giving back. If it wasn't for you guys I would not be here today. Thank you!" Operation Shockwave is full of stories of veterans that were alone in the darkness, hopeless and suicidal, and were able to overcome that enemy and continue pressing forward in life to find success. It is through our personal stories and experiences that we can relate with other warriors and guide them to achieve their goals. It is in the very DNA of a military veteran to never quit, never surrender and to press forward at all costs to accomplish a mission. Sometimes they just need another brother or sister to remind them and to provide leadership and empowerment along the way. Help us in being able to facilitate our programs and expand the shockwave of our message by becoming a part of the Operation Shockwave family and providing a donation to our Annual Kickball Tournament Fundraiser. We will have a single elimination tournament with 6 teams representing incredible veteran's organizations and, of course, there will be a Home Run Derby. We will also have a Kid's Play Area, a Taco Cart and Grill Area, Raffles, Silent Auction and much more. It will be an amazing community event that will raise much needed awareness for veteran suicide prevention and will raise much needed funds for us to continue pressing forward in our mission. Donate today and spread the word to help us kick suicide in the balls at our Annual Kickball Tournament Fundraiser.

Posted by Operation Shockwave