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  Aug 04 2018

The Fundraiser is to benefit WATCCH inc an organization that provides for orphaned children and communities who have been effected by mudslides in Uganda, Africa. All proceeds will go WATCCH Inc which is 501 c 3 certified organization lending aid to those effected by Natural Disasters in Uganda, Africa. You can visit www.watcch.org for more information. This is a Pie N The Face Fundraiser! Which means that someone will be pied in the face! They are allowed to choose who pies them. However, it must be recorded and posted publicly! How do you get someone pied donate to a person that you want to see get PIED! Whoever has the most money after the contest ends will be pied. The Official start date will be August 4th and the end date will August 17th 12pm cst! August 18th is the 7th year anniversary for WATCCH inc which was started in August 18 , 2011. Having someone pied on that day would be amazing way to celebrate all the work WATCCH inc has done in Uganda, Africa. YAY!! WHO IS READY TO SEE SOME ONE GET PIED?

Posted by WATCCH INC