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Access to clean water is vital, both for disaster relief and for underdeveloped and underserved communities. Last year, Moses West and the Water Rescue Foundation generated and distributed more than 1 million liters of drinking water to the residents on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Moses had to leave last fall, but he promised to return. Please help us do that.

The people of Puerto Rico are still suffering. Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) provides clean, drinkable water quickly, reliably, and in a cost effective, environmentally conscious way. This technology extracts moisture from the humidity in the atmosphere, the same air we breathe every day, producing clean water for all.

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September, 2017. On the small Puerto Rican island of Vieques the water system was destroyed and there was no electric power either.  In February of 2018, Moses deployed an Atmospheric Water Generator to Vieques, Puerto Rico in order to help save the lives of those living day-to-day on the island. He set up the unit using solar power and out of the goodness of his heart and passion for his mission, he served a million liters of clean water, for free, to the people of Vieques. He also helped the only hospital on the island provide life-saving services that could only be provided with fresh, clean water.

Moses left Vieques in November of last year, lacking the funds to continue. But he made a promise to the people of Puerto Rico, that he would return to continue to help them on their road to recovery.  Moses keeps a promise and with your support he will return to serve a community that is rebuilding.

Your donation to the Water Rescue Foundation supports the transportation, maintenance and when possible, the purchase of new AWG units to provide life-saving water for those in need. Join us!

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