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Weihua Wang's Fundraiser:

屋仑教区华人牧民中心 Oakland Diocese Chinese Pastoral Center's Tijuana Ministry Fundraiser

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格后 9:7 “ 每人照心中的所酌量的捐助,不要心痛,也不要勉强,因为天主爱乐捐的人。” 在这个暑假, 我们有一个很好的机会去帮助墨西哥Tijuana 为那些穷人建房子。 那里是世界上最贫穷的一个地方之一。 而我们将会成为其中的一个志愿者去帮助那些需要我们帮助的人。在此同时, 我们也能体验到穷人们的生活。 这项工程已经进行了十二年, 我们也建了超过二十五个房子在墨西哥Terrazas。 今年,我们是第一次参加这个工程,我们的打算是准备为这些穷人建五个房子,而我们这次建房子的材料的费用需要大家的帮助,既捐款来支持我们。 为了让大家更好地支持我们工程, 我们列出了一些我们将会使用到或者花钱的地方。 半个窗户需要花费25美金,一个3ft x 2ft 推拉窗需要花费50美金,一个8ft x 8ft 外墙需要花费200美金,一些电器预计要花费500美金,我们也将会花费接近1000美金在32ft x 16ft 混泥土公路, 再加上一些建筑需要, 总共要为一个家庭花费6500美金。谢谢你们的支持! "Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." 2 Corinthians 9: 7 We have an opportunity to help build the framework for community in one of the poorest areas of Tijuana. I will be joining other volunteers on a week long mission to build homes and learn about the struggles of the local poverty. Construction: For 12 years, we've built over 25 homes in the Tijuana neighborhood of Terrazas. This year, the Tijuana construction projects include 5 house structures for families in desperate need. While the participants pay for their travel and lodging, we are fundraising for construction material costs. To give you an idea of our needs: =$25 - Half a Window =$50 - A 3ft x2ft Slider Window =$100 - An Exterior Door with Hardware & Keys =$200 - A 8ft x 8ft Exterior Wall - Studs, Wood siding, Paint =$500 - Electricity - Wiring, Panel, Lights, Outlets =$1000 - 32ft x 16ft Concrete Slab Foundation =$2,500 - Roof with 17 prefabricated wood trusses =$6,500 - Entire New Home for a Family in Desparate Need Mother's Program: The mother’s program is aimed at building relationships and community. Many of the families in this Tijuana community are from diverse places, and may not know each other well. The mother’s program was developed to help build a sense of community among the mothers. In addition to craft projects, the mother’s program also provided some lessons on hygiene, nutrition, finance, and relationships. Donations will go toward care packages for local mothers in Tijuana. In the past these have included food items, hygienic products like toothbrushes, shampoo, crafting tools, and household items. Children's Programs: The children’s program in centered on providing children in the area with safe, fun activities, as well as some educational content and catechism. We also provided the children with a snack each day, and some donated toys at the end of the week. Over 200 children attended last year's week long camp. Donations will go toward 200 brown bag lunches for 200 local Tijuana children. This item includes 200 PB&J sandwiches (some variants) 200 Capri Suns, 200 CCCs, and 200 apples. We provide lunches for the local children 4 days of the week. **CCCs: Chocolate Chip Cookies! Teen's Programs: This programs is provided for local teens who spend much of their day tending to their younger siblings as their parents work. We provide activities and teach craft ideas that the families can sell at the local outdoor markets. Donations will go toward arts and crafts for 200 local youths of Tijuana. Volunteers organize a children's program for them twice a day for 4 days. Social Justice: We learn about local conditions and interact and gain understanding of the local residents. As part of this, we visited various sites like the memorial at the US/Mexican Border; and Casa del Migrante, a homeless shelter for migrants and recently deported men; an AIDS hospice; and a school for special needs children that we help finish so they could open; and the local clinic. We also attend hosted discussions with local families. Thank you in advanced for your generous support for our program! Your donation will make a difference!



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