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Ocean River Institute, Inc. Tax ID 20-8273235


The Ocean River Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals and grassroots groups make a difference where they live and work through environmental stewardship, education, and citizen science.

The Ocean River Institute is first to practice environmental subsidiarity in collaboration with others, to assist groups closest to wildlife and natural areas, to educate more widely, and to advance ecosystem-based adaptive management with greater public participation.

The Ocean River Institute operates based on the belief that many environmental issues can be addressed best by people taking action in their own communities and regions, not by national or international entities.

Right now we are working to save the dolphins of the Indian River Lagoon from fertilizer pollution, working with locals of Chuitna River in Alaska to stop a strip mine coal power plant, rallying for the EPA's new mercury and arsenic emissions standards, and protecting fragile marine island ecosystems in the British Virgin Islands. [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed]

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