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The O.C.E.O. Foundation, Inc.

The O.C.E.O. Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization helping to "Reclaim, Restore and Rebuild" lives through education, viable resources and social entrepreneurship. Tax ID 46-1146007


As a community-involved outreach program, we are raising money to help individuals who are experiencing homelessness and re-entry, substance abuse, social/mental issues and aging out of foster care.

The money raised will be used to 1) obtain office space for a Portal Resource Information Center (PRIC) that will provide necessary resources in basic living needs, civic outreach, career counseling, entrepreneurship and educational opportunities, access to health care services and financial literacy. 2) Obtain a 10-passenger van to proide transportation assistance to drop-in/program participants 3) Build or purchase a transitional residential housing for individuals experiencing homelessness, aging out of foster care, offender re-entry and substance abuse and are willing to change and transform their lives.

We are very passionate about this because this is a much-needed resource in our community which has a high percentage of homeless and re-entry individuals, as well as adolescents and young adults that are experiencing mental and social ssues. By accomplishing our financial goal of $1,000, we will be able to continue our civic endeavors within our community in helping others transform their lives and also becomeing productive, informed citizens.