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Oh Deer!

Organized by: Sumerlyn Edens

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Our family has gone through a slew of rough times, bad luck and been kicked back down every time we try to step up the past few years. I try to play it off in front of family and friends and make it look like we're ok but in all actuality we are just barely making it. Three and a half years ago when I found out I was having our son we had talked about putting him up for adoption, we could hardly support ourselves how were we gonna take care of this little helpless baby? So we started the process of searching for an adoptive family that would allow an open adoption, see I had always wanted kids and the fact that the baby was my blood made it hard to stomach that I would never know them (that thought killed me) so I wanted an open adoption so I would watch the child grow. I came to find out that usually the open adoption didn't allow for me to see the child but on only a few occasions a year, I wasn't quite ok with that either, but still how could we care for this little person when we fight so hard just to survive ourselves? Then we got the call..... he was a boy and my husband (boyfriend at the time) was ecstatic, so he truly hadn't wanted to do the adoption all along either. So we decided to keep him, fast forward a couple months and on Nov. 22nd 2013 at 11:49pm Syler ChrisErik Edens was welcomed into the world to a mother that just finished her first semester of EMT training in an effort to give him a better life than she was afraid of, the reason for considering adoption, and a hard-working but nothing to show father. Now we are hoping we may be able to turn the tables I'm finishing my certification and Erik is looking to get a raise at his job, but EMT doesn't pay as well as you think and his raise was .15¢, and all the while we are struggling financially and loosing our apartment, because I'm going to school and have a new born so working was difficult only because I couldn't work more and contribute more. One morning about 6 or 7 months after Syler was born Erik suggested we move to Missouri it's beautiful and cost of living is less than half what it was in Illinois where we were living at the time. I said ok! Hoping I could use my EMT skills there and make better money, but there I hit snags the test I had to take to get my license was $75, which doesn't sound like a lot but when living paycheck to paycheck it's difficult to come up with. Needless to say we'll cut that part short, I finally got my license but quickly found out that I wasn't going to make more money than I was making waiting tables. We got married on Sep. 15th 2015 that day was such a blessing! But then again we were back to where we started (and he fear I couldn't give my son the life he deserved, hench the adoption thought when I was pregnant), my husband meanwhile was having a hard time finding a job in his field because he doesn't currently have a license, needs fines paid and he can get it back but those are around $700 and living paycheck to paycheck makes paying something like that off difficult. Because we solely relied on me (very physically draining and emotionally) we started to fall behind again. Erik finally got a job but by that time we had already taken out a couple small loans to help us pay bills, more bills to add to our bills. This became a cycle because we had fallen so far behind (I wish I had foregone sleep some days to have worked more, but I was now missing time with my child I was working so much) and had to keep borrowing to keep paying. I saw that we had to make a change and try something else cause this was sinking us, we were now in a position that if we hadn't fallen behind and borrowed so much we would be doing ok. So I tried debt consolidation to try to get out of this and it was going good at first and I'm still trying to work with them, but it has gotten us sued by one lender already and the phone calls are persistent. On top of that our home has flooded 5 times (our landlord refused to believe it was happening), we've had to replace the engine in our car (that was a two week ordeal, $800 in work, and living out in the boonies with no car makes it really difficult to make it to work), we've had 4 blowouts (one was the spare the next morning after one of the blowouts), gotten kicked out of the flooding house, our son ended up in the PICU for a week last summer in Chicago, don't qualify for food stamps, don't qualify for Medicaid, don't receive rental assistance, forced through a couple job changes at the worst time due to hours getting cut and being yelled at and cussed at by fellow coworkers and superiors (is there no respect for people anymore?), and finally hitting a deer yesterday morning making our only running vehicle again dead in the water (we still owe $1200 dollars on it, but it's a Subaru and still worth more than that). Hitting the deer this morning is what prompted me to ask for help because we just moved into our new house after being kicked out of the flooded house and had just spent all our savings. I know there is a lot of smaller bad stuff that has happened to us but it's minor compared to the more life impacting things that I mentioned. And I know there are folks out there way worse off than we are and I try to help whenever I can but I can only do so much and don't like to talk about it cause it's not it for others to know according to God, but I'm kind of at my end. God says he doesn't give more than you can stand but I'm not sure how much more I can handle everytime I turn around something else is creating a speed bump. I guess I'm doing this and praying, hoping that we can hope for the kindness of those that care about the hardworking that still can't get anywhere. We just need a little help to boost us up and get us a little bit a head. Thank you to anyone that helps and may God bless you in ways you couldn't imagine.


Organized by

Sumerlyn Edens

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Sumerlyn is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Oh Deer!.

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