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Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund

Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund
CROWDRISE : Jun 12, 2017
Tax ID: 34-1208940
BASED: Cleveland, OH, United States


Ohio Citizen Action Educatio...

Make Ohio a clean energy leader.

The people of Ohio want, need and deserve energy policy that serves their interests:

  • Clean air and water
  • Healthy families
  • A robust economy
  • Good-paying jobs

The problem

While recent polls indicate strong public support for a faster transition from coal and nuclear power to renewable energy, Ohioans keep electing lawmakers who stifle or reverse progress toward that transition. For example, Ohio enacted modest clean energy and efficiency standards in 2008 that required utilities to make investments to meet certain benchmarks. The standards would have Ohio meeting 12.5% of its electricity needs from renewable sources and would have increased energy efficiency 22% by 2025. By 2014, the standards appeared to be working, having saved customers $1.03 billion on electric bills and having created 38,000 “green energy jobs” in the process.

Despite this progress, lawmakers have since 2013:

  • Attempted to repeal the standards and failed
  • Passed legislation to “freeze” the standards for two years, which became law
  • Attempted to extend the freeze and failed
  • Attempted to legislate consumer bailouts of unprofitable coal and nuclear power plants (bills pending)
  • Introduced legislation to gut the standards by making them voluntary (bill pending)
  • Proposed electric rate hikes that discourage energy efficiency and penalize low-energy users and low-income families (cases pending) and
  • Changed rules for siting wind turbines that effectively halted new wind development.

Why? Because the big four utility companies in Ohio (American Electric Power, Duke Energy, FirstEnergy and Dayton Power & Light) want to stall the inevitable transition to greater efficiency and use of renewable energy. The big four are heavily invested in coal and nuclear power and those plants are losing money. They are losing money because the natural gas boom has eroded competitiveness of coal and nuclear power and because greater energy efficiency has slashed revenue from energy usage on customers’ bills. To remedy this, utilities are using their influence in the legislature and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to prop up their failing business model at the expense of everyday Ohioans.

Help us stop them and put Ohio back on track to being a clean energy leader.

Tax ID: 34-1208940 •


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