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Ohio Campus Compact is a statewide non-profit coalition of college and university presidents and their campuses working to promote the civic purposes of higher education.

Ohio Campus Compact envisions Ohio colleges and universities as centers of civic engagement and renewal where co-curricular and curricular learning, teaching and scholarship advance the public good and prepare students for active citizenship and democratic participation.

We invest in good ideas. We invest in civic engagement on our member campuses. Our innovative Pay it Forward student philanthropy grants engage students in charitable giving. Meanwhile, our MLK Challenge Grants have supported campus projects that heed Dr. King’s call to community service. These and other programs direct critical funds to Ohio campuses and communities that need it the most.

We empower campus leaders to help local communities. We bring together scholars and the state’s brightest youth leaders. And we put that brainpower to work to tackle issues like poverty, hunger and joblessness. Our symposiums, trainings & resources bring out the best in faculty, administrators and campus leaders. And with our help, they make an even greater impact on students and in local communities.

We engage campuses in community service, service-learning & civic engagement initiatives. Our AmeriCorps programs strategically connect college resources with communities in need. Participants gain valuable experience and educational awards. Campuses garner greater visibility. And community partners receive critical support.