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CROWDRISE : Jun 13, 2011
Tax ID: 31-1182372
BASED: Columbus, OH, United States


Our Mission

Ohio Wildlife Center is dedicated to fostering awareness and appreciation of Ohio’s native wildlife through rehabilitation, education and wildlife health studies.



Ohio Wildlife Center is a local, 501(C)(3) non-profit wildlife rehabilitation and conservation education organization. Founded in 1984 by veterinarian Dr. Donald L. Burton, Ohio Wildlife Center’s free Columbus-based Hospital annually admits nearly 5,000 injured, orphaned or ill wild animals, representing over 140 different species. We are nationally recognized as an authority on native Ohio wildlife issues and the only wildlife center in Ohio equipped with immediate and continual veterinary expertise and services.

Do you have a wildlife question? We have answers! Our wildlife information line provides answers to the most common questions about orphaned and injured animals found in your backyard. Call 614-793-WILD and follow the prompts to determine if you need to bring an animal to Ohio Wildlife Center’s Hospital for help.




Ohio Wildlife Center offers a variety of scheduled on-site camps and educational programming for groups of all ages at our Powell facility. You see more when you come to us! Meet our wild animal ambassadors, explore nature and learn about coexisting with your wild neighbors. We also offer outreach programs where an education instructor from Ohio Wildlife Center will come to your location for a formal presentation with the help of our wild animal ambassadors. Your group will learn about Ohio Wildlife Center, coexisting with wildlife and the inspirational stories of our native Ohio mammals, reptiles and birds.




SCRAM! (Suburban Commercial and Residential Animal Management) Wildlife Control is a service of Ohio Wildlife Center providing Central Ohio with 100% NON-LETHAL solutions to human-wildlife conflicts in the home or business. All proceeds from SCRAM! services support Ohio Wildlife Center’s wildlife rehabilitation and conservation education efforts.




Ohio Wildlife Center’s services and programs are made possible by the work of 200 dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. We offer a fun and rewarding experience. Our volunteers change the lives of animals and people every day!

Tax ID: 31-1182372 •


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