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The Oklahoma Fit Kids Coalition is a statewide initiative coordinated by the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy. We work to improve the health and well being of Oklahoma youth and families by reducing childhood obesity.

The Oklahoma Fit Kids Coalition promotes public awareness through trainings, health fairs, and providing resources to schools, parents, teachers, and communities.

The Oklahoma Fit Kids Coalition advocates for Oklahoma to be a state in which it is easy for youth and families to be active and healthy.

The Oklahoma Fit Kids Coalition engages Oklahomans in improving the health status in communities where are children live, learn, and play.

The Oklahoma Fit Kids Coalition follows the five-point approach recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to help states combat the crisis of childhood obesity. Since 2004, the Coalition has made tremendous strides in each of these five areas.
1. Increasing Physical Activity
2. Limiting intake of foods of low-nutritional value
3. Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables
4. Increasing Breastfeeding
5. Reducing "screen time" (tv/computer time)

Past Policy Accomplishments:
1. Re-establish physical education in Oklahoma elementary schools (k-5) by requiring a minimum of 60 minutes per week of physical education or exercise program.

2. Eliminated access to sugary drinks and snacks in elementary schools, except for special occasions. In Middle School, only healthy choices, except diet soda, can be accessible during the day . In High School, some healthy choices need to be offered.

3. Farm to School Program which improves the nutrition of Oklahoma's students, and creates new markets for Oklahoma's farmers, by providing schools with locally grown fresh produce.

4. The Coalition supported the Central Oklahoma Breastfeeding Advocates in their legislative initiative to provide guidelines for employers to create a positive environment for new mothers who wish to continue breastfeeding their babies after returning to work.

5. Governor Brad Henry joined the Coalition's efforts to reduce screen time by proclaiming April 23-29, as "TV Turn-Off Week" in Oklahoma, and encouraged families to spend time together in outdoor activities.