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March 31, 2011

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OtakuLovePower is looking for any people around the world who want to give back to Japan for providing us with entertaining manga, anime and culture. We are a group focused around uniting all the Japan-enthusiasts (Japanophiles, weeaboos, otaku) and providing relief for the country we all wish we lived at. So if you have ever felt guilty for downloading scanlations and streaming subbed anime over the internet, instead of buying the actual manga or DVD and supporting the creators, come join OtakuLovePower, and show the world the strength of our love for all that is manga, anime, Japanese, and "moe".

Here's a list of people who should feel obligated to join our cause and help Japan overcome the Tsunami:

  • You usually read manga on any of the numerous manga-hosting websites.
  • You go to Border's or Barnes and Nobles only to read manga for a few hours, but you usually don't buy anything.
  • You watch subbed anime on the internet or download them.
  • Same thing for Japanese Dramas.
  • You are deeply interested in japanese culture, specifically the Manga/Anime sub-culture.
  • You watched the Endless Eight.
  • You know which you like the best: ZOIDS, Gundams, Evas, Gears, Arm Slaves, Mechas, IS, Knightmares.
  • You can name all of the Sailors from Sailor Moon. Its not THAT hard.
  • You are an alien, esper, or someone from the future.
  • You've danced to/put up a video for Caramelldansen.
  • You wish you could clone yourself ( and maybe even use Harem no Jutsu).
  • You know that Gods of Death like to eat apples.
  • You know the best way to build Ezreal is AD.
  • You have more than 3 songs that have originated from Japan on your Itunes.
  • You have bookmarked Japanese songs and Anime Opening theme songs on youtube.
  • You wish you were Rito-kun.
  • You took up any type of martial arts, because of an anime or manga.
  • You can recite the Pokemon Rap. Its only 150.
  • You have seriously contemplated which you liked more: Digimon or Pokemon.
  • You have played Yu-Gi-Oh at some time in your life. Also you think the Domino-City arc in the anime was the best season.
  • You can name over 10 manga, anime or drama.

You get the picture.



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