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Jason Fishman's Fundraiser:

OMG2012 Cancer Summit For Young Adults

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EVENT DATE: Mar 30, 2012

Jason Fishman


I 2 Y - I'm Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation Inc wrote -


Young adults, a largely unknown group in the war on cancer, account for 72,000 new diagnosis each year. That's one every eight minutes. It's also seven times more all than pediatric cancers. This is not OK!

The OMG! Cancer Summit is the premiere oncology conference and social networking event for the young adult cancer movement.  A program of the I'm Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation, the OMG! Cancer Summit, now in it's 5th year, has become a pivotal healthcare event that inspires thousands of survivors, cargivers and providers—along with scores of academic, advocacy, research and support organizations—to get organized, build community and unite as one to drive change.

Join our team and support our efforts to ensure that young adult survivors get the chance to attend this event and participate in a life-affirming weekend of support, education, community and hope. 

Stupid cancer. Survivors rule.

“The OMG! Summit taught me to keep fighting, be my own advocate and never give up, no matter what the doctor says.”

"I loved meeting new people as well as seeing old friends in person who I’d only known through Facebook.”

“The OMG! Summit and the sheer enormity of our community has left me more inspired than ever."

“I made so many new connections. I can't wait to spread more awareness about young adult cancer.”

“What an amazing, life-changing and inspiring weekend.”



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