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January 18, 2012

Now that I've reached my 3 yr mark, I'm ready to help others fight back so they can reach theirs. Join me in my fight against stupid cancer!  See more


EVENT DATE: Mar 30, 2012

riann Woods


     Every 8 minutes a young adult is diagnosed with cancer. Every hour a young adult loses their fight against cancer. How is this okay? How is this fair? Ever since June 2008, when I was first diagnosed, I've had to believe that someday there would be answers. My hope is that someday there will be a cure.
      I was only 28 when I first heard the words "Colon Cancer". I can't even begin to describe the millions of feelings surging through me on that day. I was confused and scared, but quickly realized, I had no other choice but to roll with the punches. So I did what every other young adult that is diagnosed with cancer does, I took my "C Word" head on and, I said, "Bring it"!
     Being diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer at the age of 28 is rare. I took being an abnormality as a compliment! If I was going to be rare, I was going to be a miracle as well. Tomorrow, Thursday, January 19th is my 3 year remission mark. I've been waiting for this day for about 4 years now. Waiting for the day when I could begin to breathe again and relax a little. Now, after surgery, a 2 week hospital stay, 6 months of chemo and three years of remission, I am ready to help others fight back! I'm ready to join the I [2] Y movement.
      As you can imagine I did tons of research before and during chemotherapy. One site that helped give me a piece of mind was www.stupidcancer.com and the I'm 2 Young for This! foundation. These groups reach out to young adults that have been diagnosed with cancer and offer them support through many different programs and services.
     I'm passionate about I [2] Y's cause and I am raising money and asking for donations from you, my friends and family to help me in my fight. It's not fair that so many young adults have their lives interrupted by cancer. It's not fair that so many young adults don't win their fight. I've been lucky. I've had you by my side supporting me from day one. Many young adults aren't as blessed as I am. Help me help them. They shouldn't have to fight alone. I [2] Y and the OMG! Cancer Summit helps end that. Donate to this cause and help me as I continue to fight back against stupid cancer!


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For our strong girl Riann! And for my awesome co-worker Melanie! 7 years ago




This is for you Riann!!! 7 years ago