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One Earth One People

One Earth One People
CROWDRISE : Apr 09, 2017
Tax ID: 31-1376357
BASED: Chapel Hill, NC, United States



The Earth is home and the keeper of life. Our Mission is about connectedness.

One Earth One People (OEOP), (Tax ID: 31-1376357), invites you to participate in the Youth Cloth Bag Project (YCBP).  The YCBP's purpose is to encourage shoppers to use eco-friendly cloth bags in place of paper or plastic, thus preserving our wildlife habitats. Children involved in the project gain knowledge and greater respect for the environment. 


Encourage consumers to use eco-friendly cloth bags in place of paper or plastic and help reduce the amount of plastic in our waterways and oceans, endangering marine wildlife and their habitats. 


Youth Cloth Bag Project (YCBP): K-12 students from California schools and schools across the nation are invited to participate in a contest to draw a theme-related, eco-design for cloth bags. The theme for the contest is "Curb Plastics and Combat Climate Change." There are three categories for judging: K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. The winning drawings from each category at a school, State and National level will be printed on different cloth grocery bags. Students will then have the option to sell the bags at the local retail stores and in their communities. Proceeds from the sale go towards environmental education programs in their respective schools. 


1. Strengthen the value of art in schools’ curriculum (K-12) — Art with a purpose: To preserve and protect the environment. 

2. Offer opportunities for students: 

• To use their creative potentials through art work. 

• When student-run under volunteer mentors, leadership skills are enhanced. 

• To learn how to work together in our efforts to preserve and protect our shared planet for future generations. 

3. Expand environmental awareness centered on: “Each one of us can make a difference.” Students are the catalysts of positive change. 

Key Benefits: 

1. Kids learn that solving global problems is within their reach. Often with global problems, people feel a “diffusion of responsibility” where everyone thinks that someone else will do something, and as a result no one does anything. YCBP eliminates that by giving all students a stake in the direction and success of the project. 

2. Environmental awareness - most American adults are unaware of global problems that plague us, so starting the education process through creative ways early on drives impactful action. 

3. Students espouse civic engagement – an essential activity to build all-inclusive communities needed for solving global problems. 

4. Students build their entrepreneurial skills while earning money for their schools.


Funds raised will be used to purchase cloth bags with custom printing of the winning drawings of the students from the YCBP contest and distribute to schools. 

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Our Mission:

The Earth is home and the keeper of life. Our Mission is about connectedness. Everything on the Earth is one and we can only survive as a whole by assuming responsibility for our planet. through education we believe we will be able to give young people the knowledge, the hands-on positive experience, excitement, and inspiration that will enable them to help save life on earth.

Our Vision:

The vision of One Earth One People (OEOP) is to network youth around the world via interactive social and telecommunications technologies to prepare them to preserve their local and global environment. Its mission is all inclusive, working with all sectors and ethnic groups, offering students(K-12) hands-on educational experiences to increase their scientific knowledge, enhance their communication, leadership, and other lifelong skills and attitudes to protect the environment through sharing, cooperation, and cultural understanding. OEOP was founded in the 1990s as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by a group accomplished business leaders, teachers and students in the state of Ohio.

In its short history, OEOP has achieved a number of honors including the notable one such as...

Recognized twice by President Clinton for its environmental protection efforts

Launched the Youth Cloth Bag Project (YCBP) sponsored by P&G and the Kroger Company

Recorded in the Library of Congress by Senator Rob Portman

Attended the UNEP's Global Youth Forum

Established Global Interactive Eco-Classroom between the schools in Cincinnati and Mexico City

Nominated to carry the Olympic Torch

Earned support from globally recognized corporations including The Cinergy Foundation, Enerfab Company, IBM, The Kroger & Co., The Procter & Gamble Company, Division of W.R. Grace & Company, along with a host of private donors, including The John and Shirley Davies Foundation.

Now, the key initiative for OEOP is to re-launch the Youth Cloth Bag Project nationwide. YCBP strives to reduce the effects of plastic bags on our oceans by having kids from various schools compete to produce the best drawings on cloth bags, which are then sold in retail stores.


Tax ID: 31-1376357 •


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