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One Of a Kind Friendship

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Cintia Layton Aldama


This is the story of a beautiful young girl named Maria Jose. Yes, so typical and common name in the Latino community but I tell you, she is very far from that. My name is Cintia and this is the story of my cousin, Maria Jose, who lives in Venezuela. A country in South America that is going through a huge political Trauma. Being one of the wealthies country in Latin America, now is the poorest and most dangerous. People having to stand in long lines to obtain one carton of eggs, and a pack of four rolls of toilet paper. Going to the super markets and not finding anything on the shelves. The everyday conditions are extreme to survive, and for a child like Maria Jose, not being able to enjoy a nice walk down the block due to the insecurity, not being able to enjoy her favorite foods due to the lack of goods, or eat ice cream from her favorite ice cream parlot due to the lack of milk, is outrageous; the lack of appreciation the government has for its people. Despite the shocking conditions, Maria Jose is one of many children who live optimistic and brave lives. Maria Jose has chosen to offer her friendship to a girl that the majority of students turn their back because of her not being able to walk. Life has given them the privilage to enjoy each other's company since first grade. Maria Jose, waits for Valeira before and after school. They also enjoy lunch together. Maria Jose defends Valeria from bullying and verval abuse from her classmates. And she also helps her throughout the school day. This may not seem like a big deal, but i believe that Maria Jose is a hero and they both deserve a rewarding trip to the United States. They both have excelent GPA and have humble hearts towars humanity. Please if you find it in you, to show gratitute to Maria Jose for being a hero and making a difference in this world. Donate for a surprise trip for Maria Jose, Valeria and their families. After all, children are the future.



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